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MDN New Client –  Covenant Administrators
Effective: September 1, 2014 Covenant Administrators Effective 9/1/14, Covenant Administrators (Covenant/Simple) TPA members have access to Maverest Dental Network as an out-of-network »
MDN New Client – Chesterfield Resources, Inc.
Effective: July 1, 2014 Chesterfield Resources, Inc. Effective, 7/1/14, Maverest dentists are available to Chesterfield Resources, Inc. (Salvation Army) patients as an out of network solution »
MDN New Client – Security Life
Effective: August 1, 2014 Security Life Client through Stratose with Customer Service ability to identify Maverest dentists If you have any questions, please call Maverest »

About Us


At Maverest, our focus is on building and managing a network to establish lasting partnerships with dentists, employers and insurance companies.


Maverest’s philosophy differs in that we believe the long-term strength, and the quality of the network is built on the commitment and satisfaction of our participating dentists.
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What is Maverest Dental Network?

Maverest Dental Network is a preferred provider dental network that can be utilized by insurance companies, self-funded employers, unions, third party claim administrators (TPA’s), and medical-only PPO’s.

Why should I join

Maverest builds long-term relationships with our participating dentists, offering access to thousands of potential patients each month.
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